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Our HR Management Software is suitable for any small business, allowing you to track and monitor employee information. Most small businesses realise how important it is to use HR management software but how do you find the right system for your organisation? Read More

If you are a small to medium sized company then we at Croner Simply Personnel have HR software just for you, for more information, click here.

Sometimes we get asked the question why do I need Human Resource Management Software? There are a number of very valid reasons. The amount of money and time saved by having such a system should not be underestimated. Having all of your employees personnel records in one place means that when you need to run reports the process is quick and easy. You start out your business with only a handful of employees and never consider an HR Software system, this can be a major problem if the business expands quickly. Paper records and a multitude of spread sheets can seem suitable for a small business but as you expand this way of holding data is cumbersome, takes time to report on and can lead to expensive mistakes as key dates are missed.

A methodical and ordered approach to HR Software when a business starts to expand from only a couple of employees can give you peace of mind and you can avoid potentially expensive mistakes!

Small business human resource software can really help a business look after its employee records from an early stage even from the conception of the business in some cases.  Being able to run reports at the touch of a button is extremely useful and the system will ensure that you don’t miss key dates. Human resources software will give you peace of mind and enable you to better manage your business.

When you choose the Croner Simply Personnel HR Management Software system you only invest in the software that you need. If you are a small business then you will not need the complex modules that a large company would.  With Croner Simply Personnel you just invest modestly in a system to suit you but that very importantly can grow with you as you grow.

Human resource software for small business is important, particularly the management of the information. Complete HR records allow business owners to focus on the running of the business and not catching up on routine administration tasks.

As well as looking after your employee records, you can also get substantial benefits from streamlining your recruitment process, automating your training records or even setting up a time and attendance system to capture your employee clocking data for payroll. You choose which modules are right for your business.

Ongoing support is available and only a phone call away from one of our dedicated support professionals.

Indeed our software for small businesses is really popular. It is ideal for small businesses wanting to manage all employee information.

There are many small business human resource software systems in the market place but we would always recommend you have a free trial or demo of the product. If this is of some interest to you then please call 0844 693 1247 and we can discuss your requirements in more detail.


Personnel Manager

  • Manage employee record
  • Keep track of holidays
  • Record and reduce absences

In Depth Reporting

  • Built in reporting tool
  • Extract information from any database
  • Create organisation charts

Employee Self Service

  • Holiday/Absence Management
  • Centralised policy & procedures
  • Training Course diary
  • Reduce administration costs

Training Manager

  • Identify needs
  • Manage courses and costs
  • Keep up to date

Recruitment Manager

  • Keep track of all your recruitment details
  • Automated Correspondence
  • Map your recruitment process

Time and Attendance

  • Manage shift plans
  • Quickly improve attendance
  • Produce a payroll extract

Timesheets and Expenses

  • One System
  • Accurate Recording
  • Manage Costs

Rota & Rostering

  • Allocates Shifts
  • Flexible worksheet format
  • Monitor staff coverage

Looking for a new HR management software system? Web (or cloud) based HR software may be suitable for some but here are some reasons why it’s not right for many organisations, click here for more information.