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HR Software Modules

You may be wondering, what are the advantages of using modules in Human Resource Management Systems, which may also be known as modules of Human Resource Information Systems? Faced with the need to set-up an effective system, you may feel the scope of what needs to be covered and the timetable for establishing it all is too daunting. Croner Simply Personnel offers a range of HR software modules (i.e. Human Resources modules) that can be purchased separately or added as your business needs grow.

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The base module is Personnel Manager, which enables you to develop an extensive database for all your employees including such information as salaries, emergency contact details and medical information. It also provides you with a ‘traffic light warning system’ so that you can be alerted to potential problems before they arise. The module allows you to provide access to line managers but you can control the details they see, so information that should remain known to HR only can remain private.

Included with the purchase of the Personnel Manager module is In Depth Reporting. By incorporating this within your portfolio, you can get a clear picture of sickness and unauthorised absence levels, as well as quickly checking to see if employees are taking the number of holidays to which they are entitled (and no more). Since they say that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”, this is one of most useful Human Resource Management System modules.

One of the ways in which HR can save time is to allow employees to handle some of the data processing themselves. Employee Self Service is an HR module that allows employees and managers to enter holiday requests, amend their contact details, view your policies and procedures, monitor their training commitments and complete self-certification forms (depending on their access levels).  All of this saves time, paper and helps the HR department to be more effective.

Training is an essential aspect of HR and one of the dedicated Human Resource Management System modules we offer is the Training Manager module. This helps you to track courses, send out reminders to attend them, identify skills gaps and match skills with promotion opportunities. Where you discover that you lack the skills you need in-house or a key member of staff leaves; the Recruitment Manager module will provide a step-by-step guide, forms and letters to take you through the process and ensure that you manage it fairly and effectively – your reputation is on the line and, if recruitment is handled badly, this can reflect on the company.

One of the bugbears of HR administration is timekeeping and absence. You need to know where the problem areas and problem people are, so the Time and Attendance module can help without adding to your administrative burden. Use this alongside Timesheets and Expenses and you have a complete system for ensuring that time spent on specific projects is properly recorded together with all the expenses incurred. As this module integrates with our Employee Self Service module, staff can log their own expenses and time spent on tasks for line managers to accept or decline.

If your business doesn’t lend itself to a 9-5 working pattern, you will need a system for rostering staff and ensuring that they are aware of their work patterns. The Rota and Rostering module is a means of providing a dynamic allocation of staff and access for employees to check their work commitments.

If all of this seems a lot to cope with, the three core Human Resources Management modules are Personnel Manager, Training Manager and Recruitment Manager. Demos are available free-of-charge. The sales team will be happy to conduct a demonstration of the other modules over the phone/internet.

To find out more about the modules of Human Resource Management we offer, please send an email to, call us on 0844 693 1247 opt 1, fill out our express enquiry form or visit our contact page for more options.

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Personnel Manager

  • Manage employee record
  • Keep track of holidays
  • Record and reduce absences

In Depth Reporting

  • Built in reporting tool
  • Extract information from any database
  • Create organisation charts

Employee Self Service

  • Holiday/Absence Management
  • Centralised policy & procedures
  • Training Course diary
  • Reduce administration costs

Training Manager

  • Identify needs
  • Manage courses and costs
  • Keep up to date

Recruitment Manager

  • Keep track of all your recruitment details
  • Automated Correspondence
  • Map your recruitment process

Time and Attendance

  • Manage shift plans
  • Quickly improve attendance
  • Produce a payroll extract

Timesheets and Expenses

  • One System
  • Accurate Recording
  • Manage Costs

Rota & Rostering

  • Allocates Shifts
  • Flexible worksheet format
  • Monitor staff coverage

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