Please see below some Employee Self Service FAQs:

Q. Can the employee request holiday?

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A. Yes the system has a holiday form that the employee can fill in with their annual leave details. This can then be routed to the line manager for agreement before updating Croner Simply Personnel. The manager can check their team’s other commitments (holiday, training, authorised absence) before agreeing the holiday.

Q. Can we store things such as policies and procedures? Can we see if an employee has read the health and safety policy?

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A. Yes the system will allow you to store all of your relevant policies and procedures in the Self Service part of Croner Simply Personnel. The HR team will be able to view who has read the policy and send email updates to those who haven’t, asking them to read it.

Q. Can an employee amend their personnel details?

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A. Yes, an employee can amend their personnel details. These generate a request for change that has to be authorised by the line manager or HR.

Q. Is there an employee appraisal capability?

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A. Yes, there is a user defined employee appraisal system which is based on an employees’ role.

Q. Can we run reports from Self Service?

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A. Yes there are standard reports in the Self Service module, both for managers and for the system administrator.