Keep track of your recruitment details

Recruitment Manager tracks applicant’s details, vacancy details, advertising sources, recruitment costs, equal opportunities information, current and previous applicant details, short listing, interview scheduling and job offer processing.

Automated Correspondence

Recruitment Manager produces automated correspondence generation – e.g. letters of invitation to interview, candidate assessment forms, rejection letters, request for references, offer letters and contract generation.

Map your Recruitment Process

The foundation of using Recruitment Manager is to map your recruitment processes.

Transfer Successful Applicant to Employees

Recruitment Manager has the ability to take the successful candidates details and translate them into an employee record.

Monitor Applicants

Recruitment Manager allows you to monitor the different stages an application has reached. On line enquiries and on-line reports are available that allow recruiters and vacancy owners to determine the full status of a vacancy and applicants which have applied.

Monitor Sources / Costs

Recruitment Manager stores costs for the vacancy.