What makes the best HR systems and software?

Important considerations are:

  • Flexibility of the system (can you add to it when you need to?)
  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • System development
  • Security
  • Support
  • System capacity – Number of employees to enter on the system
  • Training required?
  • Should it be managed by HR only or department managers too?
  • Easy on the eye

Flexibility of the system

Do you buy the whole system? Is there a modular system available? Through a modular system you can add new modules as and when they are required and of course the initial system is cheaper as you only need modules that are essential to start with. Look at the potential modules you can add and make sure they will meet your future needs. Does the system have a reporting tool for each module or the system as a whole? If the system is singular, you will need to buy the whole package.

How does this compare to any modular versions?

Standard modules for Croner Simply Personnel are Personnel, Recruitment and Training Manager. You can have only one of these to start with or you can have all of them. There are 8 modules to choose from in all.

Ease of use

Ask for a free demonstration and see if you can grasp the system quickly. Systems that come with Employee Self Service can also help to alleviate the burden on the HR team by allowing employees to undertake their own admin work.


What is your budget? Stick to this. Our sales consultants can discuss the various pricing options available with you and ensure that you do not overspend.

System Development

How often does a provider develop their system (ask for their last development date) and how many updates do they do in a year?


Are providers using public or private cloud? If public cloud, there is more chance of security vulnerabilities.


For example with Croner Simply Personnel – Customer support is available through a phone call to our dedicated team. They are available to speak to between 9am to 5pm but you can submit a ticket 24/7.

In addition, Croner Simply Personnel also have a team of dedicated account managers who you can contact during office hours.

When contacting a provider, ask what support is available to suit your needs.

System capacity

How many records do you need it to hold? Croner Simply Personnel is charged based on the number of employees you have, making it extremely cost effective, as you pay for the space that you take up on our server.


Have a think about what training is needed and how much you want to pay if this is not included in the price. Also ask about refresher training.

Should it be managed by HR only or department managers too?

Having the system managed in part by other departmental managers can take the burden off HR to some extent. Croner Simply Personnel has lots of different options available when it comes to setting permissions for access, meaning you can allow staff members to see data that is pertinent to them, whilst keeping confidential information locked down.